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About Exploding Ideas

Exploding Ideas is a market research and growth firm focused on helping you seize profitable tech startup ideas. Our mission is to guide you towards your next successful tech startup venture in rapidly growing industries.

We specialize in data analytics and digital marketing to identify tailwinds, which are external forces and market trends that propel tech startups ahead. By leveraging proprietary data from cloud technology and online platforms like popular social media channels, we conduct market research to find gaps in the tech industry.

Exploding Ideas was founded by Eric Lam in 2023. Eric started his career in the music industry, working at iconic fortune 500 music company Universal Music Publishing Group. Under the leadership of Jody Gerson, through her support of Eric's first intrapraneurial idea he parlayed the companies investment into his idea into doing market research full time within the business affairs department. After numerous major corporate business initiatives, Eric ultimately began building his own businesses; mainly focused on capitalizing on tailwind opportunities.

From Startup to Profit

How do we work?

Combining supply/demand issues with industry tailwinds, data analysis, and innovative solutions results in a business strategy that turns cluttered customer data into opportunities. This is where profitable business models emerge for tech entrepreneurs, especially in areas like cyber security, tech repair services, and tech consulting startups.

We leverage advanced SEO tools like Ahrefs, along with AI-powered Reddit analysis utilities like GummySearch, we dissect trends data to pinpoint supply/demand imbalances in the market. This allows us to craft a data-driven business strategy that sparse data into actionable insights. Our methods unearth profitable business avenues in multiple sectors, including game development, legal tech startups, and cyber security.

Our approach doesn't stop at just identifying these opportunities; we dig deeper. By using customer relationship management and data analysis techniques, we categorize potential customers and target niches effectively. In the world of rapidly growing industries fueled by technological advancements like virtual reality and augmented reality, our insights become especially crucial.

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Discover Tech Startup Ideas

If you're a tech entrepreneur looking for a reliable tech partner in an emerging industry, consider us your go-to resource for innovative ideas and tech solutions. From biotech startups and robotics, to social media consultancy and ecommerce businesses, we've got you covered.

We bring these tech startup company opportunities to you!
Make the most of the opportunities we offer and let's build a successful business together in this new data-centric world, driven by technological advancements and artificial intelligence.
Where do we find these technology startup ideas?
By sifting through data analytics tools, cloud services, and SEO platforms, along with scrutinizing social media trends, we discover what we believe are the best tech business ideas. We identify areas with a supply/demand imbalance, specifically where there's high demand but low supply in online businesses.
Unearth Hidden Value in Traditional Industries
In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, even traditional industries can't afford to lag behind. This is where we step in. We not only identify untapped opportunities in emerging tech sectors but also help you find gaps in traditional markets that can be filled with innovative tech solutions.
Leverage a Community-Centered Approach
We believe in the power of community. By fostering a culture of collective wisdom and shared experiences, we help you align your tech startup ideas with market needs effectively. This way, we assist you in building not just a profitable business but also a brand that resonates with your target audience.

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